Commerce Courses (COM)

Undergraduate Courses

Courses offered by the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business are also found under the following course codes: ENT (Entrepreneurship), SMGT (Services Management), IB (International Business), MBA (Master's of Business Administration).

100-level courses
100 Introduction to Business Decision Making

200-level courses
204 Co-op Preparation
205 Professional Skills Development
206A Business English and Communications - Level I
206B Business English and Communications - Level II
206C Business English and Communications - Level III
220 Organizational Behaviour
240 Management Finance
250 Fundamentals of Marketing
270 Financial and Management Accounting For Specialists
290 Introduction to Canadian Business
295 Canadian Business Studies

300-level courses
302 Business Law
315 Financial Accounting
316 Management Accounting
321 Leading People and Organizations I
322 Leading People and Organizations II
331 Introduction to Management Information Systems
341 Operations Management
351 Marketing Principles and Management
361 International Business
362 Business and Sustainability
371 Management Finance
390 Canadian Business Environment

400-level courses
400 Strategic Management
402 Legal Issues in Management
403 Employment Law
405 Career Preparation Across Borders
410 Leadership Strategies
415 Business and the Internet
420 Managing in a Unionized Environment
425 Taxation for Managers
426 Management Accounting II
430 Marketing Strategy
435 Corporate Relations and Responsibilities
440 Business and Government Relations
445 Corporate Finance
446 Investments
450 Selected Topics in Management
455 Conflict and Negotiations in Organizations
460 Managing in Diverse Environments
470 Business Research
480 International Study
490 Directed Studies in Management
495 Marketing Communications
499 International Management and Environment