Units: 1.5

The project proposal approved in 598A is to be completed and will include the approved literature review, an analytic and professional reflection on the contributions of the project. A project may be presented in any appropriate form - prose, performance, multimedia, or exhibition for example - but must include a written submission of moderate length. The successful completion of the project requires the approval of the course instructor and the student's program supervisor.


  • Students who have completed equivalent prerequisites may request permission to register in the course.
  • Students who do not complete the course requirements may register a second time for the course. Incomplete course requirements in the second term will result in withdrawal from the program. There are appeal procedures for extenuating circumstances.


  • EDCI 598A; or
  • admission to a Community-based MEd program.



Graduate course in the Curriculum and Instruction Studies program offered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

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