Electrical Engineering Courses (ELEC)

Undergraduate Courses

Some Faculty of Engineering courses are only open to students in the faculty or in specific programs. Courses and applicable restrictions are listed at www.uvic.ca/engineering/courseaccess.php

Courses offered by the Faculty of Engineering are also found under the following course codes: BME (Biomedical Engineering), CENG (Computer Engineering), CIVE (Civil Engineering), CSC (Computer Science), ENGR (Engineering), MECH (Mechanical Engineering) and SENG (Software Engineering).

200-level courses
216 Electricity and Magnetism
220 Electrical Properties of Materials
250 Linear Circuits I
260 Continuous-Time Signals and Systems
299 Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering Design

300-level courses
300 Linear Circuits II
310 Digital Signal Processing I
320 Electronic Devices I
330 Electronic Circuits I
335 Biosensors and Instrumentation
340 Applied Electromagnetics and Photonics
350 Communications Theory and Systems I
360 Control Theory and Systems I
365 Applied Electronics and Electrical Machines
370 Electromechanical Energy Conversion
380 Electronic Circuits II
399 Design Project I

400-level courses
403 Engineering Design by Optimization
404 Microwaves and Fiber Optics
405 Error Control Coding
407 Digital Signal Processing II
410 Power Electronics
412 Electronic Devices II
417 Software Defined Radio
420 Nanotechnology
426 Robotics
434 Biophotonics
435 Medical Image Processing
450 Communications Theory and Systems II
452 Optical Communication Technology
453 Antennas and Propagation
454 Engineering Components for Wireless Systems
456 Wireless and Mobile Communications
459 Applications of Digital Signal Processing Techniques
460 Control Theory and Systems II
461 Dynamics and Control of Switched Mode Power Supplies
462 Motor Drive Dynamics
466 System-on-Chip Engineering for Signal Processing
481 Analog VLSI Systems
482 Electrical Drive Systems
483 Digital Video Processing
484 Audio Signal Processing
485 Data Analysis and Pattern Recognition
486 Multiresolution Signal and Geometry Processing With C++
488 Electrical Power Systems
490 Directed Studies
496 Selected Topics in Electrical Engineering
498 Honours Thesis
499 Design Project II

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
501 Linear Systems
503 Engineering Design by Optimization I
504 Random Signals
509 Seminar
511 Error Control Coding
512 Digital Communications
513 Data and Computer Communications
514 Design and Analysis of Computer Communication Networks
515 Information Theory
516 Advanced Wireless Communications
517 Software Defined Radio
519A Selected Topics in Digital Communications
519B Selected Topics in Computer Communications
519C Selected Topics in Secure Communications
521 Microwave and Millimeter Wave Engineering
522 Antennas and Propagation
524 Theory and Design of Waveguide Components
525 Advanced Photonics
526 Advanced Optical Systems
529A Selected Topics in Microwaves, Millimeter Waves and Optical Engineering
531 Digital Filters I
532 Multidimensional Digital Signal Processing
534 Applications of Digital Signal Processing Techniques
535 Data Analysis and Pattern Recognition
536 Computer Vision
539A Selected Topics in Digital Signal Processing
539B Selected Topics in Image Processing
539C Selected Topics in Underwater Acoustic Systems
542 Analog Integrated Circuit Design
543 Design of Digital and VLSI Systems
544 Analog VLSI and Neural Systems
545 Nanotechnology
546 Mapping DSP Algorithms onto Processor Arrays
547 Electronic Devices
548 Hardware Security
549A Selected Topics in Electronics
549B Selected Topics in VLSI Design
551 Digital Filters II
553 Introduction to Parallel and Cluster Computing
559A Selected Topics in Robotics
559B Selected Topics in Automatic Control
562 Introduction to Parallel Computer Systems
564 Neural Networks and Their Implementation
565 Digital Integrated Circuits
566 Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
567 Advanced Network Security
568 System-on-Chip Engineering for Signal Processing
569A Selected Topics in Computer Engineering
570 Computer Forensics Methodologies
571 Underwater Acoustic Systems
572 Security, Privacy, and Data Analytics
573 Engineering Design by Optimization II
574 Practice of Information Security and Privacy
581 Power Electronics
583 Digital Video Processing
584 Dynamics and Control of Switched Mode Power Supplies
585 Motor Drive Dynamics
586 Multiresolution Signal and Geometry Processing With C++
589A Selected Topics in Power Electronics
590 Directed Study
591 Professional Practice
592 Career Development
597 MEng (Mechatronics and Embedded Systems Option) Project
598 MEng Project
599 MASc Thesis

600-level courses
609 Seminar
621 Numerical Techniques in Electromagnetics
632 Adaptive Filters
633 Optimal Estimation
693 PhD Candidacy Examination
699 PhD Dissertation