Environmental Studies Courses (ES)

Undergraduate Courses

200-level courses
200 Introduction to Environmental Studies
240 Ecological Processes
250 Directed Experiential Learning in Ecological Restoration
270 Introductory Field Study

300-level courses
301 Political Ecology
312 Environmental Economics
314 Philosophy and the Environment
320 Conservation Biology
321 Ethnoecology
341 Past, Present, and Future Ecologies
344 Study Design and Data Analysis
348 Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
361 The Biodiversity of British Columbia
365 Climate and Society
370 Intermediate Field Study
380 Environmental Topics: Topics in Political Ecology
381 Environmental Topics: Topics in Ethnoecology
382 Environmental Topics: Topics in Ecological Restoration
384 Systems Theory: An Introduction to Natural and Social Systems
399 Argumentation and evidence in environmental research

400-level courses
402 Global Issues in Sustainability
403 Field Course in Environmental Law and Sustainability
404 Discourses of Environmentalism
405 Climate, Energy and Politics
407 Mindfulness, Sustainability, and Social Change
415 Integral Systems Theory: Philosophy and Practice
417 Women and Environments
419 Green Legal Theory
421 Ethnobotany: Plants and Human Cultures
423 Traditional Systems of Land and Resource Management
425 Flowering Plant Diversity
427 Colonization, Nature, and the Making of British Columbia
429 Urban Ethnoecology
430 Environmental Anthropology
441 Advanced Principles and Practice in Ecological Restoration
443 Climate Change and Biodiversity
446 Sustainable Fisheries
461 Environmental Impact Assessment
462 Environmental Protection
470 Advanced Field Study
480 Advanced Environmental Topics in Political Ecology
481 Advanced Environmental Topics in Ethnoecology
482 Advanced Environmental Topics in Ecological Restoration
490 Directed Studies

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
500 Perspectives on Environmental Theories, Methods and Skills I
501 Perspectives on Environmental Theories, Methods and Skills II
503 MA/MSc Research Colloquium
570 Field Study
580 Seminar in Political Ecology
581 Seminar in Ethnoecology
582 Seminar in Ecological Restoration
590 Directed Studies
593 Thesis Proposal Preparation
599 MA, MSc Thesis

600-level courses
600 Advanced Perspectives on Environmental Theories, Methods and Skills I
601 Advanced Perspectives on Environmental Theories, Methods and Skills II
603 PhD Research Colloquium
670 Field Study
680 Seminar in Political Ecology
681 Seminar in Ethnoecology
682 Seminar in Ecological Restoration
690 Directed Studies
693 PhD Candidacy Examination
699 PhD Dissertation