FRAN 300

French Reading Course

Units: 3.0

Hours: 3-0

Formerly: FREN 300

Presentation of basic sentence structures and vocabulary, and reading of texts in order to prepare students to acquire a reasonable reading comprehension of scientific and scholarly works in French. Primarily intended for students who have little knowledge of French and are enrolled in university departments requiring a reading knowledge of a second language.


  • Credit will be granted for only one of FRAN 300, FREN 300.
  • Not open to students with credit in, or registered in, FRAN 180 or higher.
  • Students with no previous French should take at least FRAN 100 before undertaking FRAN 300.
  • Credit may be obtained for both FRAN 300 and any other FRAN course.


  • Minimum third-year standing or admission to a graduate program; or
  • permission of the department.

Grading: COM, N, F

Undergraduate course in French offered by the Department of French in the Faculty of Humanities.

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