Health Information Science Courses (HINF)

Undergraduate Courses

100-level courses
130 Introduction to Health Information Technology
140 Introduction to the Canadian Health Care Systems

200-level courses
200 Principles of Health Database Design
201 Database Management and Development for Health Care Systems
230 Organizational Behaviour and Change Management
265 Health Care Delivery Organizational Models
280 Biomedical Fundamentals

300-level courses
310 Electronic Records and Decision Support Systems
320 Project Management
330 Legal Issues in Health Informatics
335 Health Information Standards
345 Networks, Interoperability and Systems Security
350 Human Aspects of Healthcare Information Systems
351 Information Technology Procurement
371 Clinical Methodologies
381 Epidemiology, Population Health and Public Health

400-level courses
410 Information Management and Technology
420 Societal Implications of Information Technology
450 Health Information System Design
461 System Evaluation and Quality Improvement
470 Trends in Health Informatics
490 Directed Study
491 Topics in Health Informatics

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
501 Database Design
503 Research Methods in Health Informatics
510 Information Management and Technology
511 Clinical Decision Support Systems
515 Clinical Information Systems
516 Telemedicine in Action
530 Health Informatics Literature Review
531 Ethical and Legal Aspects of Health Informatics
535 Health Information Standards
550 Health Information Systems Design
551 Electronic Health Record
552 Evaluation in e-Health
553 e-Health Sustainability
554 Critical Appraisal of the Health Sciences Literature
560 Health Care Quality Improvement
561 Project Management in Health Informatics
562 Procurement in Health Informatics
570 Epidemiology in Health Services Management
571 Health Systems Data Analysis
572 Health Informatics: An Overview
573 Applied Biostatistics
574 Modelling and Simulation in Healthcare
575 Human Factors in Healthcare
580 Health Informatics Graduate Seminar
590 Directed Studies in Health Informatics
591 Topics in Health Informatics
598 Research Project
599 Health Informatics Thesis

600-level courses
602 Theories in Health Informatics
603 Methods in Health Informatics
693 Candidacy Exam
699 Dissertation