Italian Courses (ITAL)

Undergraduate Courses

Native speakers of Italian may not obtain credit for 100- or 200-level courses. A native speaker is defined in this context as a person who has spoken Italian since childhood and/or has received sufficient instruction in the language to be literate in it.

A near-native speaker is defined as a person who speaks, writes and understands Italian with few errors and only the occasional non-patterned mistake. The department will assign students with some knowledge of Italian to the appropriate level.

100-level courses
100A Beginners' Italian I
100B Beginners' Italian II
149 Beginners' Italian
150 Famous and Infamous Hispanic and Italian Figures (in English)

200-level courses
204 Experiential Learning
250A Review of Grammar and Conversation I
250B Review of Grammar and Conversation II
265 Introductory Written Italian
273 Italian Renaissance (in English)

300-level courses
300 Italian for Reading Knowledge
304 Rome, the Eternal City (in English)
305 A Taste of Italy, Food as Culture (in English)
306 Italian Culture (in English)
308 Travels to Bell'Italia (in English)
350 Advanced Italian Grammar
351 Advanced Italian Language
378 From Mussolini to Berlusconi and Beyond

400-level courses
470 Dante's Divine Comedy (in English)
472A Boccaccio's Decameron (in English)
472B Francis Petrarch: His Life as Literature (in English)
474 Italian Comic Theatre
478 Topics in Modern Italian Literature
479A Women in the Hispanic and Italian World (in English)
485 Topics in Italian Film
491 Central Themes of the Hispanic and Italian World (in English)
495 Directed Reading Course

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
503 Core Reading List Course II
505 Medieval Literature
507 Renaissance and Baroque Literature
590 Directed Studies
598 Master's Essay
599 MA Thesis/Oral