LAW 102

The Criminal Law Process

Units: 2.0

An introduction to criminal law, both substantive and procedural. Focuses on the following topics:

1. The social, historical, political and constitutional context in which the criminal justice system operates.

2. Significant aspects of police and prosecutorial powers in the pre-trial and trial process.

3. Substantive criminal law, including the theory and doctrine behind the concepts of mens rea, actus reus and justifications and excuses.

4. The effect of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms upon both criminal procedure and substantive criminal law.

Students may be asked to spend up to ten hours in a field experience either in the courts, with police, or in corrections. Students are required to keep a journal in connection with this part of the course.


  • Full year course: 60 hours.

Undergraduate course in Law offered by the Faculty of Law.

Summer Fall Spring

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