LAW 106

The Legal Process

Units: 1.0

The Legal Process seeks a perspective of the processes of decision making throughout the legal system by examining its major institutions and the function of substantive and procedural law within them. Attempts to provide first-year students with a transactional "overview" of their new discipline in its totality. Provides a background for courses in the second- and third-year program. Introduces students to the institutional structure of the Canadian legal system and, at the same time, provides an analysis of the role of law in society. Presents a variety of components, namely historical, institutional, procedural and philosophical. Topics include the role of law in society, the function of the legal profession, the development of the legal system, the reception of English Law in Canada, the contemporary legal system in British Columbia, the structure of the courts, problems of fact finding and evidence stare decisis, sources of law, the legislative process, administrative tribunals, an introduction to jurisprudential concepts, future trends with respect to the role of law in society, including law reform, legal services, the legal profession, access to the law.


  • Full year course: 30 hours.


COM, N, F.

Undergraduate course in Law offered by the Faculty of Law.

Summer Fall Spring

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