LAW 391

Supervised Group Project

Units: 1.0-2.0

Hours: 2-0-4.0

Upper-year students may undertake a program of supervised group study as a basis for working through some common interest in law. Groups will ordinarily have a maximum of twelve members. They will be formed on the students' initiative but will require the agreement of a faculty member to act as the project supervisor. Students who are contemplating the formation of a group are responsible for designing a project proposal and securing a faculty supervisor. They should discuss their plans with the Dean or Associate Dean as early as possible in the academic year prior to the year in which the project will be undertaken so that the necessary planning can be done and approval secured. All group projects require the written approval of the Dean and may be allowed to extend over two terms. In exceptional circumstances and with the written approval of the Dean, group members may enrol in the course for differing credit values depending on the level of their participation in the project provided that the unit value for each student is determined prior to his or her enrolment in the course.


  • May be taken more than once for credit with permission of the faculty to a maximum of 4 units.

Undergraduate course in Law offered by the Faculty of Law.

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