Theatre Courses (THEA)

Undergraduate Courses

100-level courses
101 An Introduction to Theatre
102 Theatre Appreciation: From Page to Stage
105 An Introduction to Stagecraft and Technical Practice
111 Introduction to the History and Language of the Theatre I
112 Introduction to the History and Language of the Theatre II
120 Introduction to the Art of Acting
122 The Acting Experience
132 Exploring Theatre Through Dramatic Process
150 Public Speaking

200-level courses
205 An Introduction to Production and Management Areas of the Theatre
210 Theatre from French Classicism to the End of the 19th Century
211 Modern and Contemporary Theatre from Ibsen to the Internet
218 Acting I (for Theatre Students who are Non-Acting Specialists)
219 Acting II (for Theatre Students who are Non-Acting Specialists)
221 Acting I
222 Acting II
223 Introduction to Voice
225 Introduction to Stage Movement
229 Theatre Performance
235 Introduction to Applied Theatre
251 Introduction to Design I
252 Introduction to Design II
261 Costume Design I
299 Theatre Laboratory

300-level courses
304 Acting for the Camera
305 Advanced Production and Management
309A History of Opera to the Late 19th Century
309B Modern Opera
310 Seminar in Theatre History I
311 Seminar in Theatre History II
312 Pre-modern Japanese Theatre
314 Studies in Theatre of the Ancient World
315 Studies in Medieval Theatre
316 Studies in Theatre of the Enlightenment
317 Studies in 19th-Century Theatre
318 Studies in 20th-Century Theatre
319 Studies in Renaissance Theatre
321 Acting III
322 Acting IV
323 Speech in the Theatre I
324 Speech in the Theatre II
325 Stage Movement I
326 Stage Movement II
327 Introduction to Physical Theatre Creation
328 The Theatre of Indonesia
329 Theatre Performance
331 Directing I
332 Directing II
333 History of Dance in Canada
335 Applied Theatre I
337 History of the Broadway Musical
338 The Broadway Producer
348 Lighting for the Theatre I
349 Lighting for the Theatre II
351 Introduction to Scenic Design
352 Scenic Design
353 Assisting the Scenic Designer
354 Assisting the Lighting Designer
355 Design Aesthetics I
356 Design Aesthetics II
361 Costume Design II
362 History of Fashion and Body Modification I
363 History of Fashion and Body Modification II
365 Assisting the Costume Designer
367 Producing Non-Profit Professional Theatre in Canada
379 Musical Theatre Workshop: Singing
390 Directed Studies in Theatre History
391 Directed Studies in the History of Drama
392 Directed Studies in Theories of Acting
393 Directed Studies in Theories of Directing
394 Directed Studies in Applied Theatre
395 Directed Studies in Production and/or Management
396 Directed Studies in Scene Design
397 Directed Studies in Costume Design
398 Directed Studies in Lighting Design
399 Theatre Laboratory

400-level courses
405 Specialized Studies in Production and Management
409 Theories of Acting
410 Seminar in Theatre History III
411 Seminar in Theatre History IV
412 Modern Japanese Theatre
414 Studies in Canadian Theatre and Drama
421 Acting V
422 Acting VI
423 Speech in the Theatre III
424 Speech in the Theatre IV
425 Stage Movement III
426 Stage Movement IV
429 Theatre Performance
431 Directing III
432 Directing IV
433 Directing for Production
435 Applied Theatre II
453 Scenic Design for Production
454 Lighting Design for Production
465 Costume Design for Production
490 Graduating Project
499 Theatre Laboratory

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
500 Methods and Materials of Theatre Research
501 Seminar in History and Criticism of Tragedy
502 Seminar in History and Criticism of Comedy
503 Seminar in European Theatre History
504 Seminar in North American Theatre History
505 Seminar in Theatrical Styles
508 Scene Design
509 Lighting Design
510 Costume Design
511 Production
512 Directing
513 Seminar in Theatre Aesthetics
514 Seminar in Design
515 Seminar in Directing
516 Seminar in Theatre History
520 Advanced Problems in Scene Design
521 Advanced Problems in Lighting Design
522 Advanced Problems in Costume Design
523 Advanced Problems in Directing
524 MFA Practicum
535 Research Methods in Applied Theatre
590 Directed Studies
598 MA Essay
599 MA Thesis

600-level courses
690 Directed Studies
693 Dissertation Proposal/Candidacy Exam
699 Dissertation