Faculty of Engineering : Electrical Engineering
BME 200 (1.5)
BME 201 (1.5)
ELEC 335 (1.5)
ELEC 435 (1.5)
ELEC 434 (1.5)
Notes: - Students in this option may take EPHE 141 and BIOL 225 in lieu of BME 200 and 201, but must then take BIOL 190A as their Science Elective. BIOL 190A and BIOL 225 cover prerequisite material necessary for admission to the medical program at UBC. Please refer to the UBC medical program requirements at <mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/admissions/admission-requirements>.
- This option is offered subject to resources.
CSC 475 (1.5)
ELEC 4845 (1.5)
MUS 401C (1.5)
MUS 406A (1.5)
MUS 406B (1.5)
MUS 4076 (3.0)
The program requires completion of seven technical electives (10.5 units) to be chosen from the lists2 below. Students who complete three courses (4.5 units) in one of the specialization areas listed below can request a letter from the Electrical and Computer Engineering office confirming this; the area will not be shown on the transcript.
Note that some courses appear under more than one category. Not all technical elective courses will be offered every year. Please check the department course schedule website for planning.
Other Technical Electives
Students normally must successfully complete ENGR 130 (Introduction to Professional Practice) before undertaking their first work term.
CSC 115 may be substituted in a term when CSC 116 is not offered. CSC 116 is strongly recommended.
MUS 407 is a two-term course taken in the fall and spring.
Students normally take ENGR 446 in the term preceding the final term of their academic programme (academic or work term.)