Faculty of Human and Social Development : School of Health Information Science
Abdul Roudsari, BSc (Kings College London), MSc (Kings College London), PhD (Kings College London), Professor
Jochen R. Moehr, MD (Marburg), PhD (Hanover Med School), Professor Emeritus
Patricia M. Coward, BScN (Toronto), MN (Alberta), PhD (Case Western Reserve), Adjunct Associate Professor
Lawrence Frisch, BA (Reed), MD (Harvard), MPH (Washington), Adjunct Associate Professor
Michael R.J. Guerriere, MM (Northwestern University), MD (Toronto), Adjunct Associate Professor
Donald W. Juzwishin, BA (Alberta), MHSA (Alberta), PhD (Alberta), Adjunct Associate Professor
Yuri Quintana, BSc (Waterloo), MSc (Waterloo), PhD (Waterloo), Adjunct Associate Professor
Thomas Rosenal, BSc (Calgary), MSc (Calgary), MD (Calgary), Adjunct Associate Professor
Jeff Barnett, BSc (UBC), MSc (UVic), Adjunct Assistant Professor
Karim Keshavjee, BSc (McGill), MSc (Toronto), MD (Toronto), MBA (Toronto), Adjunct Assistant Professor
Howard Pai, BSc (Toronto), MD (Western Ontario), FRCP(C), Adjunct Assistant Professor
Erdem Yazganoglu, MSc (Toronto), MSc (Leeds), MD (Ege University, Turkey), Adjunct Assistant Professor
Current UVic students (those seeking admission from another faculty) must first submit a Faculty Program Change form to register their intent to apply to the Health Information Science program and then a Health Information Science Application Form to the School. Returning UVic students who have not registered in the most recent winter or summer session must submit an Application for Reregistration to Undergraduate Records and Graduation Services and a Health Information Science Application Form to the School.
Health Information Science students must normally have successfully completed all first, second and third year HINF requirements prior to taking 400-level HINF courses.
Students must request, in writing, the permission from the Director for a leave of absence. Unless given written permission by the School of Health Information Science to take a leave of absence, students who are not reregistered will be considered to have withdrawn. Students on leave of absence are considered outside the program and will not be granted work term credit for experience gained during the leave.
60 units comprising core, elective, and senior elective courses, and
CSC 110 (1.5)
CSC 115 (1.5)
ENGL 135 (1.5)
HINF 130 (1.5)
HINF 140 (1.5)
MATH 151 (1.5)
Students with credit for Biology 12 will take 4.5 units of electives. Students without credit for Biology 12 will take 3.0 units of electives and one of the following:
EPHE 141 (1.5) Introductory Human Anatomy
BIOC 102 (1.5) Biochemistry and Human Health
BIOL 150A or 150B (1.5) Modern Biology
HINF 200 (1.5)
HINF 230 (1.5)
STAT 252 (1.5)
STAT 255 (1.5)
STAT 260 (1.5)
HINF 201 (1.5)
HINF 265 (1.5)
HINF 280 (1.5)
CSC 375 (1.5)
HINF 320 (1.5)
HINF 335 (1.5)
HINF 350 (1.5)
HINF 381 (1.5)
HINF 310 (1.5)
HINF 330 (1.5)
HINF 345 (1.5)
HINF 351 (1.5)
HINF 371 (1.5)
HINF 410 (1.5)
HINF 420 (1.5)
HINF 450 (1.5)
HINF 461 (1.5)
HINF 470 (1.5)
Introduction to Medical Anthropology
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Geographies of Environment and Health
Medical Geographies
Students must apply for the combined program through the School of Health Information Science office. This is a mandatory Co-op program.
Students with a previous degree in Computer Science or a related degree are not eligible for this combined program (see Second Bachelor's Degree). Students who have failed a work term or do not maintain a GPA of 4.0 or better in each academic term will normally be required to withdraw from the School for at least one calendar year. This is a full-time program only.
ENGL 225 can be substituted for ENGR 240.
Students with a GPA below 4.0 in an academic term will not be eligible to participate in the next scheduled co-op work term.