Faculty of Humanities : Department of French
Francophone students may not obtain credit for FRAN 100, 120, 160, 180, 300 or 350. They should consult the department about placement.
Access to courses numbered 350 and above and offered in French is restricted to students who have C+ or higher in FRAN 275, or equivalent skill in the French language. Prior or concurrently to 275, students must take 200.
FRAN 3751 or one of FREN 302,
302A, 302B, 302C2
FRAN 3751 or one of FREN 302
, 302A, 302B, 302C2
7.5 unit of FRAN or FREN courses
350and above and
offered in French2 (1.5 units may
be substituted for by a course offered
in English: FRAN 325, 335, 340)
FRAN 275 with a minimum grade of C+
or equivalent language skill
HSTR 230A, 230B (may be taken in any year)
For students with 3 units of FREN 302, 302A, 302B, 302C, only 6 units numbered 350 and above are required.
Students with credit for FREN courses numbered 400 and above should consult the department in order to apply them to this requirement.
ENGL 202 strongly recommended.
FRAN 265 (1.5 units)