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Department of Gender Studies
Gender Studies Programs
Gender Studies offers Honours, Major and General programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts (BA). The Gender Studies program examines the complex and fascinating ways power circulates through the lives of individuals and groups. In both teaching and research, it explores how gender as a social construction intersects with other categories of difference, such as race, nation, citizenship, geographical location, class, sexuality, sex, ability and age, in the contexts of colonization, capitalism, globalization and transnationalism. Gender Studies, a discipline previously identified as Women’s Studies, continues to highlight historical and contemporary feminist scholarship, but also broadens this established approach with courses inclusive of queer and trans perspectives as well as the production of masculinities. Underlying all Gender Studies courses is the active pursuit of social justice enabled by critical analyses that expose inequalities and interrogate their systemic foundations in Canada and across the globe.
Students interested in pursuing a program in Gender Studies should consult the department Chair or Student Adviser at an early stage in their undergraduate studies. See Declaring a Program on page 238 for more information. Students must have declared their Gender Studies program to be eligible for Gender Studies bursaries and scholarships.
While the Gender Studies department does not have a graduate program, it occasionally offers courses under the auspices of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. See the UVic Graduate Calendar for details, or contact Gender Studies, 250-721-7378.
Gender Studies courses are open to all University of Victoria students. In all required courses, registration priority will be given to students with:
Previous courses in Gender Studies
Students may take more than the required units of Gender Studies courses as electives.
Students may combine the requirements of a Major Program in Gender Studies and a Major in another discipline to obtain a Double Major.
Students may take more than the required units of Gender Studies courses as electives.
A General Program leading to a BA is also offered. Students may obtain a Minor degree in Gender Studies by combining the General Program requirements in Gender Studies with a Major or Honours in another department or faculty.
Students may take more than the required units of Gender Studies courses as electives.
GNDR 100 (1.5)
GNDR 200 (1.5)
GNDR 201 (1.5)
GNDR 202 (1.5)
GNDR 203 (1.5)
GNDR 204 (1.5)
GNDR 205 (1.5)
GNDR 206 (1.5)
GNDR 207 (1.5)
GNDR 219 (1.5)
Topics in Gender Studies
GNDR 300 (1.5)
GNDR 301 (1.5)
GNDR 302 (1.5)
GNDR 303 (1.5)
GNDR 304 (1.5)
GNDR 305 (1.5)
GNDR 306 (1.5)
GNDR 307 (1.5)
GNDR 319 (1.5)
GNDR 320 (1.5)
GNDR 321 (1.5)
GNDR 322 (1.5)
GNDR 323 (1.5)
GNDR 324 (1.5)
GNDR 325 (1.5)
GNDR 329 (1.5)
GNDR 330 (1.5)
GNDR 331 (1.5)
GNDR 332 (1.5)
GNDR 333 (1.5)
GNDR 334 (1.5)
GNDR 335 (1.5)
GNDR 339 (1.5)
GNDR 340 (1.5)
GNDR 341 (1.5)
GNDR 342 (1.5)
GNDR 343 (1.5)
GNDR 344 (1.5)
GNDR 349 (1.5)
GNDR 400A (1.5)
GNDR 400B (1.5)
GNDR 450 (3.0)
GNDR 480 (1.5)
Advanced Seminar in Gender Studies
GNDR 490 (1.5)
GNDR 499 (3.0)