Undergraduate Registration
Not all department instructors will choose to exercise the option to drop classes. If you do not attend classes, do not assume that you have been dropped from a course by a department or instructor. Courses that are not formally dropped will be given a failing grade. You may be required to withdraw, and you will be required to pay the tuition fee for the course.
You may add “standard date” courses by using online registration until the last day to add courses for each term. After the last day to add courses a request to add a course must be submitted on an Undergraduate Course Change Form to the Office of the Registrar; approval is not automatic. An Undergraduate Course Change Form must be accompanied by a written explanation of the circumstances that prevented registration prior to the last day for adding courses and a memo from the course instructor stating that you have attended classes. Approval is determined by the Dean or designate of the faculty of the program in which you are registered.
A student must have completed, or be registered in, at least 6 units of course work at UVic to be eligible for a Letter of Permission to take courses elsewhere. Note: Transfer credit is assigned upon receipt of an official transcript from the institution visited and once an evaluation has been completed; no letter grades are recognized or assigned for transfer credit course work, but will be considered if necessary to meet a specific grade requirement and may be assessed for academic standing.
Applications for Letters of Permission by students must be accompanied by payment (See Miscellaneous Fees). If a continuing or returning student did not obtain the required Letter of Permission to undertake studies elsewhere, a document evaluation fee of $40 will be assessed for the review of transfer credit. The $40 fee is not required from students who obtain a Letter of Permission prior to their attendance.