Anthropology Courses (ANTH)

Undergraduate Courses

100-level courses
100 Introduction to Anthropology
150 Exploring Anthropology

200-level courses
200 Cultural and Social Anthropology
210 Visual Anthropology: A Global Perspective
240 Archaeology
250 Biological Anthropology
260 Introduction to Anthropological Research

300-level courses
302 Globalization, Health, and the Environment
303 Anthropology of Sound
304 Technology and Culture
305 Anthropology of the Arts
306 Folklore in Contemporary Society
307 Anthropology of Children and Youth
308 Legality and Social Justice in Global Perspective
309 Anthropology and Film and Video
310 Anthropological Approaches to Comparative Religion
311 Introduction to Engaged and Practicing Anthropology
312 Introduction to Medical Anthropology
314 Economic Anthropology
315 Living Technologies
317 Quantitative Methods in Anthropological Research
318 Ethnographic Research Methods
319 Research Methods in Archaeology and Biological Anthropology
323 Anthropology of the Circumpolar Region
325 Anthropology of South America
329 Anthropology of Southeast Asia
330 Anthropology of South Asia
332 Anthropology of Europe
336 Contemporary Aboriginal Peoples of Canada
337 Anthropology of Eurasia
338 Anthropology of The Indigenous Peoples of British Columbia
340 Archaeology of British Columbia
341 Paleolithic Archaeology
343 Archaeological Field Techniques
344 Regional Topics in Archaeology
346 Archaeology of Holocene Africa
347 Stone Age of Africa
348 Peopling of New Territories
349 Paleolithic Art
350 Primate Behavioural Ecology
351 Human Origins
352 Human Osteology
355 AIDS in the World
356 Sex and Drugs, Biology and Culture
357 The Human Animal
360 Zooarchaeology
365 Colonialism and Daily Life
366 Anthropology of Reproduction
380 Directed Experiential Learning in Anthropology
391 Selected Problems in Anthropology: Area Studies
392 Selected Problems in Anthropology: Archaeology
393 Selected Problems in Anthropology: Cultural Anthropology
394 Selected Problems in Anthropology: Biological Anthropology
395 Selected Problems in Anthropology: Method and Theory
396 Selected Problems in Anthropology: Linguistic Anthropology
397 The Archaeology of Death
398 Life and Death in the Viking World

400-level courses
400A History of Anthropological Theory
400B Current Trends in Anthropological Theory
401 Environmental Anthropology
402 Feminist Theory and Method in Anthropology
405 Advanced Economic Anthropology
408 Anthropology and Photography
409 Applied Ethnographic Film
410 Advanced Topics in Medical Anthropology
433 Coast Salish Culture and Contemporary Life
441 Archaeological Method and Theory
449 Archaeology of the Northwest Coast
450 Advanced Topics in Primate Behavioural Ecology
452 Advanced Topics in Human Osteology
453 Human Evolutionary Ecology
454 Method and Theory in Bioarchaeology
455 Advanced Topics in the Anthropology of HIV/AIDS
460 Ethnographic Mapping and Indigenous Cartographies
481 Seminar in Area Studies
482 Seminar in Archaeology
483 Seminar in Cultural Anthropology
484 Seminar in Biological Anthropology
485 Seminar in Method and Theory
491 Directed Studies in Anthropology: Area Studies
492 Directed Studies in Anthropology: Archaeology
493 Directed Studies in Anthropology: Cultural Anthropology
494 Directed Studies in Anthropology: Biological Anthropology
495 Directed Studies in Anthropology: Method and Theory
499 Honours Seminar

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
500 Seminar in Anthropological Theory
510 Selected Topics in Social and Cultural Anthropology
510A Social Organization
510B Economic Anthropology
510C Political Anthropology
510D Anthropology of Religion
510E Symbolic Anthropology
510F Cultural Ecology
510G Cultural Change
510H Medical Anthropology
511 Advanced Research Seminar in Inequality, Culture and Health
516 Seminar in Anthropological Research Methods
520 Specialized Themes in Anthropology
520A Themes in Sociocultural Anthropology
520B Themes in Archaeology
520C Themes in Biological Anthropology
530 Ethnology of Selected Areas
541 Advanced Research Seminar in Indigenous Peoples in Historic and Contemporary Contexts
542 Archaeology of a Selected Area
551 Advanced Research Seminar in Ecology and Evolution
552 Selected Topics in Biological Anthropology
552A Applied Topics in Osteological Methods
552D Primatology
552E Advanced Topics in Biological Anthropology
561 Selected Topics in Linguistic Anthropology
571 Advanced Research Seminar in Visual Anthropology and Materiality
590 Directed Studies
597 Thesis Proposal Development
598 Comprehensive Examinations
599 Thesis

600-level courses
600 Professional Development in Anthropology
611 Advanced Research Seminar in Inequality, Culture and Health
612 Graduate Colloquium
641 Advanced Research Seminar in Indigenous Peoples in Historic and Contemporary Contexts
651 Advanced Research Seminar in Ecology and Evolution
671 Advanced Research Seminar in Visual Anthropology and Materiality
690 Specialized Directed Study
690A Specialized Directed Study in Contemporary Indigenous Peoples
690B Specialized Directed Study in Historic Indigenous Peoples
690C Specialized Directed Study in Inequality, Culture, Health
690D Specialized Directed Study in Evolution and Ecology
690E Specialized Studies in Method and Theory
690F Specialized Directed Study in Visual Anthropology and Materiality
693 PhD Candidacy Examinations
699 PhD Dissertation