ENGL 101

Fundamentals of Academic Literacy

Units: 1.5

Hours: 3-0

Introduction to the reading and writing skills needed to meet the expectations of university-level academic study. Emphasis is on building proficiency in academic reading and writing through extensive practice. Suitable for students who need to strengthen their reading and writing skills before attempting a course that meets the Academic Writing Requirement.


  • Restricted to students who have not satisfied the Academic Writing Requirement.
  • Not open for credit to students registered in or with credit in any of ENGL 135, ENGL 146, ENGL 147, ENGR 110.
  • This course does not satisfy the Academic Writing Requirement.
  • May not be counted toward lower-level requirements in Major, Honours, and General or Minor Literature Programs in English (unless taken in Sep-Dec 2012).

Undergraduate course in English offered by the Department of English in the Faculty of Humanities.

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