SOCI 545

Sociology of Health

Units: 1.5

The social determinants of health and illness in human societies. Topics may vary from year to year and, to a certain extent, will be modified to reflect student interest. Applies major theoretical perspectives in its coverage of specific topics. Topics may include: the social and cultural determinants of health with an emphasis on the health of vulnerable populations; embodiment and health; substance use and addictions; the organization and use of health services; public health; the conduct of socio-medical research; and ethical issues in health research.


  • May be taken more than once for credit in different topics.
  • Students who have completed a course equivalent to SOCI 445 may request permission to register in the course.


  • SOCI 445; or
  • permission of the department.


Graduate course in the Sociology program offered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Summer Fall Spring

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