Please note that once a degree, diploma or certificate has been awarded by the University Senate, no changes can be made to the programs that constitute that credential nor can the degree, diploma or certificate be rescinded at the request of the student. For instance, a student may not undertake completion of additional course requirements to qualify for a different credential, such as adding a Minor program to an awarded degree or changing an awarded BA in Geography to a BSc degree in Geography, or changing an awarded BA Major to a BA Honours.
to have satisfied the Academic Writing Requirement
to present credit in a minimum of 60 units of university level courses numbered 100 and above*; at least 21 of the units must be numbered at the 300 or 400 level; at least 18 of the 300 or 400 level units must be UVic courses, and at least 30 of the units must normally be UVic courses. Students should be aware that up to 30 units of transfer credit will normally be applied toward degree requirements. Nursing students are advised to refer to the regulations specific to the School of Nursing; see Minimum Degree Requirements.
* Important: Credit awarded for a co-op work term cannot be used in satisfaction of the minimum degree requirements of 60 overall/30 UVic/21 senior units. Co-op work term credit is recognized ONLY in fulfillment of the co-op program work-term requirement.