Computer Engineering Courses (CENG)

Undergraduate Courses

Some Faculty of Engineering courses are only open to students in the faculty or in specific programs. Courses and applicable restrictions are listed at

Courses offered by the Faculty of Engineering are also found under the following course codes: BME (Biomedical Engineering), CIVE (Civil Engineering), CSC (Computer Science), ELEC (Electrical Engineering), ENGR (Engineering), MECH (Mechanical Engineering) and SENG (Software Engineering).

200-level courses
241 Digital Design
242 Discrete Structures in Engineering
255 Introduction to Computer Architecture
299 Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering Design

300-level courses
355 Microprocessor-Based Systems
356 Engineering System Software
399 Design Project I

400-level courses
412 Human Factors in Engineering
420 Artificial Intelligence
421 Computer Vision
441 Design of Digital and VLSI Systems
448 Cyber-System Security
450 Computer Systems and Architecture
453 Parallel and Cluster Computing
455 Real Time Computer Systems Design Project
460 Communication Networks
461 Design and Analysis of Computer Networks
490 Directed Studies
496A Selected Topics in Computer Engineering
496B Selected Topics in Computer Engineering
496C Selected Topics in Computer Engineering
496D Selected Topics in Computer Engineering
498 Honours Thesis
499 Design Project II