PAAS 340

Integrative Intermediate Japanese

Units: 1.5

Hours: 3-0

Formerly: PAAS 330, JAPA 311, JAPA 250

A continuation of PAAS 338, offering further development of language skills. Focusses primarily on reading and writing, for students who want to gain fundamental competence in the Japanese language in preparation for advanced academic or career goals. Classes conducted in Japanese.


  • Note: Credit will be granted for only one of PAAS 340, PAAS 330, JAPA 250, JAPA 311.


  • One of PAAS 230 with a minimum grade of B+, PAAS 235 with a minimum grade of B+, PAAS 338 with a minimum grade of B+, JAPA 249 with a minimum grade of B+; or
  • permission of the department.

Undergraduate course in Pacific and Asian Studies offered by the Department of Pacific and Asian Studies in the Faculty of Humanities.

Summer Fall Spring

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