Sociology Courses (SOCI)

Undergraduate Courses

Students may enrol in courses numbered 300 and above only if one of the criteria listed in the Program Requirements has been satisfied.

100-level courses
100A Introduction to Sociology: Culture and Socialization
100B Introduction to Sociology: Institutions and Social Change
103 Canadian Society

200-level courses
202 Social Problems, Regulation and Control
204 Self, Identity and Society
205 Sociological Perspectives on Family Relationships
206 Crime and Deviance
210 Foundations of Sociological Theory
211 Introduction to Sociological Research
215 Class and Social Inequality
220 The Information Society
271 Introduction to Statistical Analysis in Sociology
281 Sociology of Gender
285 Health over the Life Course

300-level courses
305B Families and Social Change
307 Regulation and Social Control
309 Modern Social Theory
310 Religion in Society
312 White-Collar Crime
316 Social Movements
318 Social Change
321 Sociology of Work and Occupations
326 Social Networks
327 International Perspectives on Inequities in Health and Health Care
331 Political Sociology
335 Racialization and Ethnicity
345 Sociology of Mental Health
355 The Corporation, Capitalism, and Globalization
373 Power, Knowledge, and Social Justice
374 Qualitative Research Methods
376 Quantitative Research Methods
382 Sociology of Sexuality
385 Sociology of Aging
387 Technology, Science and the Information Society
388 Food and Society
389 Death and Dying and the Body
390 Selected Problems in Sociology
391 Environmental Sociology Field School

400-level courses
401 Sociology of Law
402 Current Issues in Social Theory
412 Sociological Explanations
419 Globalization and Sustainability
443 Population Problems and Policies
445 Sociology of Health and Illness
450 Sociology and Social Justice
465 Sociology of Climate Change and Environment
471 Multivariate Statistical Analysis
481 Feminist Theory/Feminist Theorizing
490 Directed Studies
499 Honours Seminar and Thesis

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
503 Classical Sociological Theory
504 Contemporary Social Theory
507 Statistical Analysis
508 Linear Models
515 Qualitative Research Methods
520 Selected Topics in Contemporary Sociology
525 Gender, Power and Social Justice
535 Political Sociology
545 Sociology of Health
590 Directed Studies
598 Major Research Paper
599 Thesis

600-level courses
690 Directed Studies
693 PhD Candidacy Examinations
699 PhD Dissertation