LAW 304

Criminal Law Term

Units: 3.0

Hours: 6-0

Provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the criminal process from its inception through the trial process and the corrections system. An intensive immersion program which will consider criminal procedure, sentencing and corrections, substantive criminal law, trial process and the law of evidence. Through a flexibly-designed program, students will consider all the major issues confronting the administration of criminal law.


  • Students must normally take LAW 302 Criminal Law, LAW 303 Criminal Procedure, LAW 305 Sentencing in the same term as LAW 304. Part-time students are required to consult with the professor before registration in LAW 304 in order to make necessary accommodation arrangements and they are encouraged to complete two of the following three courses: LAW 302 Criminal Law II and LAW 303 Criminal Procedure and LAW 305 Sentencing before enrolment in LAW 304.



Undergraduate course in Law offered by the Faculty of Law.

Summer Fall Spring

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