Faculty of Social Sciences : Department of Sociology
Students should read carefully the information for the Faculty of Social Sciences, especially the Faculty Program Requirements. SOCI 100A and 100B are required for all Sociology programs and should normally be taken in the first year. Although SOCI 100A and 100B may be taken in any order or concurrently, we recommend students first enroll in 100A. SOCI 210 and 211 are also required in all programs, and are normally taken in the second year.
All Sociology courses beyond the 100 level require cumulative knowledge of sociological concepts and theory introduced in 100-level courses. Students are strongly encouraged to take SOCI 100A and 100B before enrolling in second-, third- or fourth-year courses. SOCI 100A and 100B are required for the General, Minor, Major, and Honours degrees. A minimum of 1.5 units of Sociology courses numbered 300 or above, or permission of the department, is required for all 400-level courses, some of which have additional prerequisites
The Honours Seminar (SOCI 499) facilitates learning of theoretical, methodological, and empirical competencies necessary for completion of the Honours thesis. Under the direction of a supervisor from the department, students complete either an in-depth review of literature on a sociological topic or substantive and original research on a sociological issue. Students are expected to present findings from their thesis at the annual Sociology Honours Colloquium.
See Social Sciences Co-operative Education Programs. he general regulations pertaining to Undergraduate Co-operative Education Programs of the University of Victoria governing all co-operative education students.
Work Term Credit By Challenge is permitted in the Sociology Co-op Program.