BIOL 225

Principles of Cell Biology

Units: 1.5

Hours: 3-3

An introduction to cellular, subcellular, and molecular structure/function relationships in eukaryotic cells. Membrane structure and dynamics, membrane transport, protein sorting, vesicular transport, endocytic pathways, extracellular matrices, interactions with the cellular and acellular environments, endomembrane system, cytoskeleton and motility, cellular reproduction, mechanisms of cell signalling, techniques in cell biology.


  • Credit will be granted for only one of BIOL 225, BIOL 200.


  • BIOL 186 or BIOL 190A; or
  • permission of the department.

Pre- or Co-requisites:

Undergraduate course in Biology offered by the Department of Biology in the Faculty of Science.

Fall 2017 Spring 2018 Summer 2018

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