CYC 310

Supervised Practicum II

Units: 4.5

Students work directly with children/youth in a supervised practice situation in order to promote professional skill acquisition and integration. Emphasis is placed on observation and recording skills, understanding the structure and functioning of a service agency, and fostering the student's awareness of his or her functioning in relation to children, youth and agency workers. Attention is also given to developing beginning level case planning, intervention, and case presentation skills with both a one-to-one and a group focus. Students are required to complete 286 hours.



  • All of CYC 166A, CYC 166B, CYC 210; and
  • minimum third-year standing; and
  • admission to a program in Child and Youth Care.


Undergraduate course in Child and Youth Care offered by the School of Child and Youth Care in the Faculty of Human and Social Development.

Fall 2017 Spring 2018 Summer 2018

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