NRSC 693

Candidacy Examination

Units: 3.0

The Candidacy exam will consist of a defence of a written proposal (10 page CIHR format) on the student's proposed dissertation research project and an oral exam based on the background material and research components of the proposal. The exam committee will be composed of a chair (current director of the neuroscience program or their designate) and at least three examiners. Members of the student's supervisory committee (excluding the supervisor) may serve as examiners but at least one examiner must be from outside of the supervisory committee and at least one of the examiners must be from outside of the candidate's supervisor's department. The candidate's supervisor is permitted to be present during the exam but is not permitted to participate or aid the student in any manner. Both the oral and written components of the exam must be successfully completed to advance in the program and a student may be required by the examining committee to be re-examined on either component if performance in the first instance is not deemed satisfactory. Students are only permitted one re-test of either component, and re-tests must be undertaken within two months of the initial exam. Failure on both components of the exam initially, or one component twice, will be considered grounds for removal from the Neuroscience Program.

The candidacy examination must be held within 21 months of a student entering the PhD program. Students transferring from the MSc to the PhD program must complete the exam with 18 months from their entry into the PhD.


  • Students enrol in NRSC 693 upon registering in the PhD program (or upon switching to the PhD program from the MSc program) and remain enrolled until all candidacy requirements are complete.

Grading: INP, COM, N, F.

Graduate course in the Neuroscience program offered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Fall 2017 Spring 2018 Summer 2018

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