Art History and Visual Studies : Program Requirements
Except for AHVS 501/601 and AHVS 509/609, only a selection of seminars (AHVS 502-580) will be offered in any particular year. Except for AHVS 501/601 and AHVS 509/609, all seminar courses and directed studies may be taken more than once, in different topics.
The MA in Art History and Visual Studies normally consists of 15 units, including a Research Paper (AHVS 598). In the first eight months (September-April), all students will complete AHVS 501: Colloquium in Theories and Practices; AHVS 509: Workshop in Art Historical Writing, both compulsory for all students, and normally four additional courses. An additional, fifth course will normally be taken in the second year (September-April).
AHVS 501 (Colloquium in Theories and Practices)
AHVS 509 (Workshop in Art Historical Writing)
AHVS 598 (Research Paper)
Before graduation, each student will be required to demonstrate a reading knowledge of a language other than English, appropriate to the area of special interest. This requirement will normally be satisfied by completion of 3 units of 200-level or above language or literature courses (excluding those taught in English using translations). Also acceptable are PAAS 111, 131, GMST 405, or 3 units of FRAN 160 and above. For Indigenous languages, a minimum of 4.5 units within a single language is acceptable. A grade point average of at least 4.0 (B-) is necessary. In special circumstances, students may request permission to take a translation examination administered by the department.
The PhD normally consists of a minimum of 39 units, with a course work component of 6.0 units (4 courses). Those who enter the AHVS department as PhD students coming from other universities must take AHVS 601 and AHVS 609, and 2 additional courses (3.0 units) as part of their required course work. Students holding a Master's from our department and entering the doctoral program with AHVS 501 and AHVS 509 as credits, will take AHVS 609 and 3 additional courses (4.5 units). The courses should be directly related to the student's particular areas of art historical interest; in some cases, courses may be taken outside of the department with permission from the supervisor and Graduate Adviser. Students must pass their courses with at least a B+ average.
There is a required 3-unit Candidacy Exam (AHVS 693), which must be passed within 3 years of registration in the program. Registration in AHVS 699, the 30.0 unit Dissertation, is only permitted upon completion of AHVS 693.
AHVS 693 (Candidacy Exam)
AHVS699 Dissertation
AHVS 693 must be passed within 3 years of registration in the program. Once students complete their slate of courses, they are required to register in AHVS 693. Readings for the comprehensive examinations will be broader than the course work and will be determined by the student and his/her advisers. A student may repeat comprehensive examinations one time only.
Registration in AHVS699 is only permitted upon completion of AHVS 693.