Anthropology : Program Requirements
Students will register in ANTH 597 (Thesis Proposal Development) while preparing the thesis proposal, typically in the summer term at the end of the first year in the program. The thesis proposal and thesis are prepared under the direction of the supervisory committee. The thesis proposal must be approved by the committee before September 15th of the second year of the MA program. Once the thesis proposal has been approved, the student registers in ANTH 599 (Thesis).
PhD students must complete 30 units of graduate credit, including a 20-unit dissertation. Students are required to complete four 1.5 unit graduate courses during their first two years in the program, the period of residency. The courses will include ANTH 600 (Professional Development in Anthropology), one specialized directed study (ANTH 690A, 690B, 690C, 690D, 690E or 690F), one advanced research seminar (ANTH 611, 641, 651, 671 or 685), and one course that satisfies the Breadth of Knowledge requirement (a course in a theme other than the one in which they have chosen to specialize, or in another academic discipline). In addition, students are required to register and participate in the Graduate Colloquium in both the fall and spring semesters of their two years of residency. Depending on the coursework completed during his/her MA program, a student may be required to complete ANTH 500, the department’s MA-level method and theory course.
ANTH 611, 641, 651, 671 or 685
ANTH 612 (Colloquium)
ANTH 699 Dissertation