Cultural Heritage Management : Program Requirements
The final 3.0 units are selected from the AHVS 488A-U or AHVS 489A-L series of courses, or from CH 560 Cultural Heritage Stewardship and Sustainability (1.5), CH 591 Practicum (1.5), CH 584 Topics in Cultural Heritage Management (1.5), CH 588 or 589 Special Studies (1.5).
Students pursuing the museum studies specialization currently enrolled in the Diploma in Cultural Resource Management or the Professional Specialization Certificate in Collections Management may transfer 1.5 units of AHVS 488 or AHVS 489 credit to the Graduate Professional Certificate with the approval of the Program Adviser to satisfy the elective requirement. If they have completed AHVS 488B and AHVS 488J in their studies, they may request 3.0 units of transfer credit to replace CH 562 and satisfy the elective requirement.