Dispute Resolution : Program Requirements
The program consists of 21.0 (Master's Project) or 22.5 (Master's Thesis) units and one or two co-operative work term placements or DR 517. Students may choose a thesis or a project-based program. Completion of the degree is by project or thesis defense in an oral examination.
Elective Courses: Two elective courses chosen from DR 507, 508, 510, 516 517 and others as available. Other elective courses may be selected, with permission of the Graduate Adviser, from approved courses in related fields of study offered by other programs in the School or in other departments. One elective may be completed (online) during co-op placements.
PADR 589: This Co-op preparatory course is required for all students.
DR 502 (1.5)
DR 503 (1.5)
PADR 501 (1.5)
PADR 502A (1.5)
PADR 589 (0.0)
DR 506 (1.5)
DR 509 (1.5)
PADR 503 (1.5)
PADR 505 (1.5)
DR 598 (4.5)
DR 599 (6.0)
Prior to enrolling in either the Master’s Project (DR 598) or the Thesis (DR 599), students are expected to have completed their DR and PADR core courses. All program requirements, including a third Co-op term (if taken), must be completed by the same semester in which they defend their Project or Thesis.
The Master’s Project (DR 598) requires students to complete a major project for a client in consultation with an academic supervisor. The project is expected to be a substantial analysis of a conflict situation or process, policy issue, or other relevant topic approved by the Graduate Adviser. A written project report will be prepared and submitted to an oral examination committee. Students undertaking the Master’s Project option (4.5 units) will complete a program of 21.0 units.
The Master’s Thesis (DR 599) requires original research on a topic chosen in consultation with the student’s academic supervisor and the Graduate Adviser. Students undertaking the Master’s Thesis option (6.0 units) will complete a program of 22.5 units.