Earth and Ocean Sciences : Program Requirements
All graduate students in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences are required to take EOS 525 (1.5 units). All students are also required to present at the Annual Graduate Student Workshop at least once during their degree program.
All PhD students are required to give a one hour seminar to the School on their research, normally within six months before the defense of their PhD dissertation. All PhD students must register in EOS 525 as part of their 3-unit graduate course requirement, unless they have previously taken this course in the MSc program. In addition to the minimum 3 graduate or upper-level undergraduate course units, all PhD students must register in EOS 693 (PhD Candidacy Examination). The PhD dissertation (EOS 699) makes up the remaining program units.
Students enroll in EOS 693 (PhD Candidacy Examination) upon registering in the PhD program (or upon switching to the PhD program from the MSc program) and remain enrolled until all candidacy requirements have been completed.