Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs : Program Requirements
INTD 5801 (1.5-3.0): Directed Studies
INTD 5992 (4.5-12.0): Thesis
INTD 6801 (1.5-3.0): Directed Studies
INTD 6932 (3.0): Candidacy Examination
INTD 6992 (15.0-30.0): Dissertation
The co-supervisors, along with the student, will determine if INTD 693 (Candidacy Examination) will be a pre- or co-requisite to INTD 699 (Dissertation). As well, the time limit for completion of candidacy will be determined at the beginning of the program. If the time limit is other than the Faculty of Graduate Studies policy of 36 months, it will be the responsibility of the home academic unit to keep track of this time limit.
This certificate can also be combined with an MA or PhD in Political Science, an MA or PhD by special arrangement in Indigenous Governance, or an LLM or PhD in Law.