Linguistics : Program Requirements
LING 500, 509, 531, 570, 572, 573, 576, 577, 586, 592, 595, 596 and/or from the following not already selected: 503, 504, 505, 508, 510.
Project-based MA students complete LING 598 (3.0 units) Major Research Paper and thesis students complete LING 599 (6.0 units) MA Thesis.
Students will present and defend a thesis proposal. The thesis work in LING 599 is normally awarded 6.0 units of credit. Students must defend their thesis orally as part of program requirements.
Students without the equivalents of LING 503 or LING 505 in their previous program will have these courses added to their requirements.
The candidacy requirement must be satisfied within three years of registration in the doctoral program (see Faculty Academic Regulations). The candidacy examination consists of two substantial, original research papers, one in the area of phonological or syntactic theory, understood broadly, and the other in an area agreed to by the student and the supervisor.
After attaining candidacy, students will present and defend a dissertation proposal typically developed in LING 699. The dissertation is normally awarded 18 units of credit. Students must defend their dissertation orally as part of program requirements (see Faculty Academic Regulations).