Neuroscience : Program Requirements
NRSC 501A or 501B (first year)
NRSC 502A or 502B (subsequent years)
All students must complete NRSC 500 Fundamentals of Neuroscience covering core concepts in cellular, systems and cognitive neuroscience. All students will be expected to enroll in a seminar and research presentation course in either Cellular (NRSC 501A) or Cognitive (NRSC 501B) Neuroscience for the duration of their enrolment in the program. In consultation with their supervisory committee students will complete an elective from courses offered by the Program or cross-listed with other departments. The thesis is expected to comprise a body of original experimental work which is of publishable quality defended in an oral examination in front of the supervisory committee and an external examiner from outside the candidate’s home department.
NRSC 601A or 601B (first year)
NRSC 602A or 602B (subsequent years)