Faculty of Fine Arts : School of Music
Adam Con, BM, MM (UBC), PhD (Florida State), Associate Professor (music education, University Chorus)
Applicants to the BMus program must apply to Undergraduate Admissions for acceptance to the University and must audition for acceptance to the School of Music. The School requires that all prospective students demonstrate ability in an accepted performance area (instrument or voice). For this purpose a personal audition is recommended; if an in-person audition is not possible, a recording may be submitted instead. All applicants must submit two letters of recommendation from qualified musicians. Auditions are held each year beginning in February. Students are urged to apply as early as possible; places cannot be guaranteed for qualified applicants once positions are filled. Applicants to the Combined Major in Music and Computer Science must apply to Undergraduate Admissions for acceptance to the University and must submit a supplemental application. See <finearts.uvic.ca/forms/music/csc>.
Current high school students should apply by February 28 for early admission. See <www.uvic.ca/future-students/undergraduate/apply>.
Students transferring from other institutions follow the application procedure described in the preceding paragraph. Applicants from BC colleges and universities may consult the BC Transfer Guide (online at <www.bctransferguide.ca>) for information on the transferability of specific courses to UVic. Credit earned outside BC will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis when the student is admitted. This credit and School admission procedures will determine into which year of studies the student will be accepted. Students intending to major in Music Education must first take either MUS 131 or MUS 231 and then be interviewed by Music Education Faculty in March of that academic year to determine admissibility. A special performance audition is required for transfer into the Performance Program. Depending on the area, this may be scheduled at the regular spring audition, but it must take place no later than the first two weeks of the fall term. Students should contact the Head of Performance or the Professor of their instrument for details. (No students are permitted to transfer directly into the final or fourth year). Students must pass a successful performance audition by the time they begin their third year. For information on undergraduate admissions procedures and deadlines, see Undergraduate Admission.
At the end of the common first year, each student will be assigned a faculty adviser who will assist in selecting appropriate elective courses, ensure that program requirements are satisfied and oversee year-to-year progress by means of consultation with their instrumental instructors (aided by auditions in certain sections). Students intending to major in Music Education must have enrolled in MUS 131. They will then be interviewed by Music Education Faculty in March of first year. Entrance into the Composition Major is determined by portfolio audition at the end of a student’s first year. Entrance into the Performance Major is by audition after first or second year, but no later than the beginning of a student’s third year of study. Majors in Musical Arts or Music History and Literature must be declared by the start of third year. Declaration of Degree forms are available from the School of Music office by October 15 of each year. Students are placed in Large Ensembles (MUS 180A-G to MUS 480A-G) by an Ensemble Committee every year, according to each student’s educational needs and the needs of the School. Registration is required for one of these groups. Large Ensemble courses can be taken to a maximum of 10.0 units.
One of MUS 280A-G
Enrolment in this program is limited. Applicants must complete the usual procedures for admission to the University. See Undergraduate Admission. The application deadline for September entry is March 31. The School requires applicants to also submit a supplemental form. See <finearts.uvic.ca/forms/music/csc>.
MUS 105 or one of 180A-G
MUS 181 or 270A and 270B2
MUS 270A/B must be taken concurrently with MUS 201A/B.
ELEC 407 and 484 are only offered in the summer term. Strongly recommend CSC 475 and ELEC 484.