Faculty of Humanities : Department of History
Breadth Requirements: To ensure sufficient breadth in their programs of study, all Honours and Major students are required to take:
Courses meeting the Early History breadth requirement: HSTR 109, 110, 210A, 220A, 230A, 236, 236A, 236B, 240, 240A, 265A, 267A, 302A, 302B, 305A, 312, 313A, 313B, 316A, 318, 320C, 324A, 328, 329A, 330B, 330C, 335A, 336, 336T, 337A, 337B, 338, 339A, 339B, 342A, 342B, 346, 351, 365A, 376A, 376B, 383A, 383B, 385A, 385D, 412, 412A, 414, 427, 436, 436F, 436L, 436T, 436W, 442, 443, 444, 485B.
Courses meeting the Geographical breadth requirement by having a focus outside of Britain, Europe, or North America: HSTR 111, 265A, 265B, 267A, 267B, 275, 276, 277A, 277B, 365, 365A, 365B, 365C, 366, 367, 369, 372, 374, 375, 376A, 376B, 376C, 377, 378, 379, 380, 383C, 465, 474, 477, 479, 481.
Seminar Requirement: All Major students must also complete at least one seminar course (400-level). This course can qualify as meeting either requirement 1 or 2 above.
Substitutions: For Major and Honours programs a maximum of 3.0 units, and for all General and Minor programs a maximum of 1.5 units, may be substituted from GRS 314, 315, 331, 332, 333, 335, 336, 337, 341, 342, 344, 348, 349, 350, 376, 381, 442, 443, 461, 480A, 480C and MEST 308 for a course in European history. (Special topics courses in the various studies programs [CS, ES, EUS, GERS, GRS, IS, MEDI, MEST, PAAS, RS, RUSS, GNDR] may only be considered on an ad hoc basis.)
The Program requires students to complete the 3-unit Honours Seminar (HSTR 496), which explores historical theory and methods, and the 3-unit Honours Thesis (HSTR 499), a research project normally based on primary sources. HSTR 499 includes an oral examination conducted by a committee comprising the faculty supervisor of the paper and a second reader, as well as the departmental Honours Adviser (or the adviser’s representative) acting as chair. Together these are designed to expand understanding of both the content and the craft of history. Students in the Program may also choose to write a Third-Year Honours Essay (HSTR 497).
In addition to HSTR 496 and 499, students are required to take a minimum of 12 units of 300 or 400 level courses in History. Of these 12 units a maximum of 9 units may be selected from one area of interest. Honours candidates are required to have their program of courses approved by the Honours Adviser.
An Honours degree requires a graduating GPA of at least 5.0 and a GPA of at least 5.0 in Honours courses (HSTR 496, 497 if taken, 499.) Candidates whose performance is unsatisfactory may be required to transfer from the Honours Program to the Major Program. Continuation in the fourth year of the Program is conditional upon satisfactory performance in the third year.