Undergraduate Academic Regulations
Successful completion of a minimum 1.5 unit AWR-designated course (ENGL 135, 146, 147, ENGR 110).
A minimum1.5 units of transfer credit for ENGL 135, 146 or 147, ENGR 110, or AWR-designated level credit (ACWR transfer credit).
ENGL 135 Academic Reading and Writing (1.5 units).
ENGL 146 The Literature of Our Era (1.5 units).
ENGL 147 Great Moments in English Literature (1.5 units).
ENGR 110 Design and Communication I (2.5 units), for Engineering students only.
ENGL 099 Remedial English Composition (0.0 units).
ENGL 101 Fundamentals of Academic Literacy (1.5 units).
An online self-placement questionnaire is available at <www.uvic.ca/awr> to help assist students in determining the course that best matches their level of proficiency.
To gain the greatest benefit to their degree studies, students who have not yet satisfied the AWR are expected to register in a minimum 1.5-unit, AWR-designated course as soon as possible. For most students, this will be before the end of the third term of registration or prior to completing 30 units of credit.