Student Groups and Resources
All graduate students at the University of Victoria are members of the Graduate Students' Society. The GSS is an independent body that is democratically governed by the graduate students. The mandate of the GSS is to represents the interests of graduate students and address issues that concern them at the university and in the larger community.
Grad students democratically elect a five-member executive board that works with the staff to advocate for and provide services to students. Graduate students also select departmental representatives to sit on Grad Council, a body that meets monthly to discuss current events and issues and provide direction to the executive board. The participation of graduate students in the various committees of the GSS is a crucial aspect of its organization and functioning. The Society strives to ensure graduate student representation on all university decision-making bodies.
The services provided by the Society include the Extended Health and Dental Insurance Plans, Universal Bus Pass, boardroom and lounge space in the Grad Centre, child care bursaries (administered through Financial Aid), the annual handbook/daytimer, department grants to support academic and social grad student initiatives, Modo Car Co-op membership, and special events. These services are funded by membership fees, which are collected by the university on behalf of the Society. Grad students are eligible to use rooms in the Grad Centre free of charge for academic-related meetings and events. The Society, in collaboration with the Faculty of Graduate Studies, funds a travel grant program to help graduate students attend professional meetings and conferences. The GSS also operates the Grad House Restaurant and Side Project Coffee, which provide excellent food and coffee at great prices in a friendly, accessible environment open to all. For more information please visit the General Office (rm 102) in the Halpern Graduate Student Centre, or call 250-472-4543.