Art Education Courses (AE)

Undergraduate Courses

Studio-based AE courses are normally subject to limited enrolment because of space and equipment needs. Courses offered by the Faculty of Education are also found under the following course codes: AE, ED-D, ED-P, EDCI, EPHE, IA, IED, IE, ME.

100-level courses
103A Introduction to Art Education I
103B Introduction to Art Education II

200-level courses
200 Design
201 Image Development

300-level courses
303A Ceramics I
303B Ceramics II
305 Drawing
306 Painting
307 Printmaking
308 Sculpture
309 Ceramics: Hand Building
310 Introduction to Applied Design
314 Introduction to Community Art Education
317 Responding to Art
319 Photography
322 Digital Arts
330 Visual Design for Marketing, Advocacy and Persuasion

400-level courses
401 Special Studies
402 Directed Studies in Specific Methodologies, Materials and Techniques in Art Education
402A Drawing
402B Painting
402C Printmaking
402D Sculpture
402E Applied Design
402F Photography
402G Reasoned Criticism
402H Ceramics
422 Advanced Digital Arts