Biochemistry and Microbiology Courses (BCMB)

Undergraduate Courses

200-level courses
298 Research Experience

300-level courses
301A Lab Techniques & Projects I
301B Lab Techniques & Projects II
398 Research Experience

400-level courses
406A Applied Research Laboratory Techniques I
406B Applied Research Laboratory Techniques II
489 Special Topics in Biochemistry or Microbiology
498 Research Experience
499A Undergraduate Thesis I
499B Undergraduate Thesis II

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
500 Critical Thinking in Biochemistry and Microbiology
501 Essentials of Scientific Writing
502 Journal Club I
532 Regulation of Eukaryotic Gene Expression
533 Cell Signalling
534 Fundamentals of Crystallography
535 Practical Crystallography
537 Experimental Origins of Molecular Biology
538 Bacterial Pathogen Alteration of Eukaryotic Host Cell Functions
539 Practical Bioinformatics
540 Cancer Immunology from Bench to Bedside
541 An Introduction to Clinical Oncology for Cancer Researchers
580 Research Seminar
589 Special Topics in Biochemistry or Microbiology

600-level courses
602 Journal Club II
680 Advanced Research Seminar
693 PhD Candicacy Examination