Economics Courses (ECON)

Undergraduate Courses

100-level courses
100 The Canadian Economy - Problems and Policies
103 Principles of Microeconomics
104 Principles of Macroeconomics
111 The Economy and the Environment
112 Strategy, Conflict and Co-operation
113 Introduction to Economics for Policy Analysis
180 Introduction to Principles of Microeconomics and Financial Project Evaluation
185 Introductory Topics in Economics

200-level courses
203 Intermediate Microeconomics I
204 Intermediate Macroeconomics
205 Managerial Economics
225 Writing for Economists
245 Descriptive Statistics and Probability
246 Statistical Inference

300-level courses
305 Money and Banking
306 International Economics
310A Competition Economics I
310B Competition Policy
311A The Economic Analysis of Property and Contract
311B The Economic Analysis of Tort and Crime
312 Urban Land Economics
313 Intermediate Microeconomics II
317 The Economics of Canadian Health Care
318 Health Economics
320 Economic Development
321 The Economic History of Canada
325 Public Economics
327 Economic History of North America
328 Economic History of the Pacific Rim
329 Development and Economics
333 Introduction to Economic Growth
337 History of Economic Thought to 1870
338 History of Economic Thought Since 1870
339 Economics of the Family
345 Applied Econometrics
350 Mathematical Economics I: An Introduction to Static Methods
351 Mathematical Economics II: An Introduction to Dynamic Methods
365 Econometrics: Part I
366 Econometrics: Part II
370 Labour Economics I
381 Environmental Economics I
382 Natural Resource Economics I
383 Climate Economics

400-level courses
400 Advanced Topics in Microeconomic Theory
401 Advanced Topics in Macroeconomic Theory
403 Agricultural Economics and Policy
405A International Trade Theory
405B International Monetary Theory and Policy
406 Monetary Economics
407 Market and Government in the History of Economic Thought
410A Problems of Canadian Microeconomic Policy
410B Problems of Canadian Macroeconomic Policy
413 Economics of Firm Strategy
416 Cost Benefit Analysis: Principles and Application
420 Theory of Economic Development
422 Issues in European Economic Integration
423 Economics and Indigenous Peoples
435 Financial Economics
437 Philosophical Problems in Contemporary Economics
450 Game Theory in Economics
451 General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics
452 Information and Incentives
453 Economic Growth
454 Theory of Corporate Finance
456 Experimental Economics
457 Computational Economics
458 Competition Economics II
468 Financial Econometrics
471 Labour Economics II
481 Environmental Economics II
482 Natural Resource Economics II
485 Topics in Economics
486 Topics in Econometrics
495 Directed Studies
496 Directed Experiential Learning in Economics
499 Fourth-Year Honours Thesis and Seminar

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
500 Microeconomic Analysis
501 Macroeconomic Analysis
506 Monetary Theory and Policy
510 Industrial Organization and Public Policy
515 Labour Economics
516 Cost-Benefit Analysis
520 Economic Development
523 The Economics of Canadian Health Care
524 Health Economics
525 Public Finance and Fiscal Policy
529 Economics of Finance
530 Economics of Natural Resources
531 Environmental Economics
545 Econometric Analysis
546 Themes in Econometrics
547 Time-Series Econometrics
548 Applied Econometric Modelling
549 Computational Methods in Economics and Econometrics
550 Game Theory in Economics
551 Information and Incentives
552 Macroeconomic Issues
556 Experimental Economics
565 The Econometrics of Cross-Section Data
575 Advanced Topics in Econometrics
595 Directed Studies in Economics
598 Extended Essay
599 Thesis

600-level courses
693 PhD Candidacy Examinations
694 Scholarship Skills Seminar
699 Dissertation