PAAS 363

The Buddhist Tradition I

Units: 1.5

Hours: 3-0-0

Also: RS 363

Covers the development of Indian Buddhism from a doctrinal and historical perspective, beginning with the historical Buddha (c. 500 BCE) and ending with the period of Buddhism's first transmission to Tibet (c. 800 C.E.). Examines the philosophical perspectives found in the texts of a number of prominent schools including the Theravāda, Sarvāstivāda, Madhyamaka and Yogācāra.


  • Credit will be granted for only one of PAAS 363, RS 303 (if taken in the same topic), RS 363.

Undergraduate course in Pacific and Asian Studies offered by the Department of Pacific and Asian Studies in the Faculty of Humanities.

Summer 2018 Fall 2018 Spring 2019

Summer timetable available: February 15. Fall and Spring timetables available: May 15.

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