Religious Studies Courses (RS)

Undergraduate Courses

200-level courses
200A Introduction to Judaism, Christianity and Islam
200B Introduction to Asian Religions

300-level courses
305 Magic, Mysticism and the Occult
306 Critics of Religion
307 Religion & The Environment
308 Religion and Society in Canada
309 Religion and Sexuality
311 Gandhi and the Ethics of Nonviolence
326 Religion and Spirituality in Canada
361 Religions of East Asia
362 Tibetan Buddhism
363 The Buddhist Tradition
370 The Buddhist Tradition
380 Religion and the Making of the Modern Middle East

400-level courses
401 Selected Topics in Religious Studies
403 Studies in Religion and Society
450 Capstone Seminar
479 Religion and State in the Modern Middle East
490 Directed Reading
493 Seminar in Buddhism in English