Spanish Courses (SPAN)

Undergraduate Courses

Native speakers of Spanish may not obtain credit for 100- or 200- level courses. A native speaker is defined in this context as a person who has spoken Spanish since childhood and/or has received sufficient instruction in the language to be literate in it.

A near-native speaker is defined as a person who speaks, writes and understands Spanish with few errors and only the occasional non-patterned mistake. The department will assign students with some knowledge of Spanish to the appropriate level.

100-level courses
100A Beginners' Spanish I
100B Beginners' Spanish II
108 The First Global Culture (in English)
149 Beginners' Spanish
150 Famous and Infamous Hispanic and Italian Figures (in English)
185 Hispanic Culture Through Film (in English)

200-level courses
204 Experiential Learning
205 Topics in Hispanic Culture (in English)
208A Spanish Culture (in English)
208B Latin American Culture Through Music (in English)
249 Review of Grammar and Conversation
250A Review of Grammar and Conversation I
250B Review of Grammar and Conversation II
255 Communicating in Spanish
265 Introductory Written Spanish (Study Abroad Program)
270 Introduction to the Literature of Spain and Spanish America
275 Introductory Written Spanish
280 Spanish Immersion

300-level courses
300 Spanish for Reading Knowledge
304 Indigenous Latin America, Social Justice, Environment (in English)
305 Advanced Topics in Hispanic Culture (in English)
340 Spanish Immersion Literature
350A Advanced Composition, Translation and Stylistics I
350B Advanced Composition, Translation and Stylistics II
355 Advanced Communicating in Spanish
370 Spanish Literature from Origins to 1700
375 Spanish Literature Since 1700
380 The Invention of Spanish America, 1492 to 1900
385 The Rise of Modern Latin American Literature, 1900-present
395 Intermediate Directed Reading

400-level courses
408A Topics in Spanish Culture
408B Topics in Latin American Culture
417 Global Perspectives in the Spanish-speaking World
450A Advanced Grammar and Syntax
460 Hispanic Poetry
469 Special Topics in Hispanic Literatures
470 Medieval Literature
471B Miracle Stories of the Marian Tradition
472 Cervantes' Don Quixote
473A The Golden Age of Spanish Narrative
473C The Golden Age of Spanish Theatre
475 Landscapes of Desire: Visions of Self and Country
476A Spanish Literature of the 19th Century
476C Literature of Renewal: Prose and Poetry of Spanish Fin De Siglo
478A The Spanish Novel From the Civil War to the Present
478B 20th-Century Drama and Poetry
478C Special Topics in Modern Spanish Literature
479A Women in the Hispanic and Italian World
482 The Theatre, Prose and Poetry of Sor Juana
483A Love in the Time of Spanish American Independence
483B Fiction from the "Boom" to the Present
483C Modern Latin American Literature and the Arts
484A Latin American Women's Writing
484C Conquest and Rebellion in Latin America, 1492 to 1783
484D The Struggle for Independence in Latin America, 1767-1867
484E Revolutions and Dictators in 20th Century Latin America
485A Spanish Film
485B Latin American Film
486 Special Topics in Hispanic American Literature
487 Spain in the Pacific Northwest (in English)
490A History of the Spanish Language
490B Spanish-English/English-Spanish Translation
490C Advanced Written Spanish
491 Central Themes of the Hispanic and Italian World (in English)
495 Directed Reading Course
499 Honours Graduating Essay

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
500 Introduction to Bibliography and Methods of Research
502 Core Reading List Course I
503 Core Reading List Course II
505 Medieval Literature
507 Renaissance and Baroque Literature
511 Peninsular Literature from the 20th Century to the Present
512 Spanish and Latin American Literature of the 19th Century
515 Colonial Latin American Literature
519 Latin American Literature from the 20th Century to the Present
590 Directed Studies
598 Master's Essay
599 MA Thesis/Oral