General University Policies
A student or former student may be reported to the President for disciplinary action and may be suspended, subject to appeal to the Senate, for misconduct, including but not limited to such matters as a breach of University regulations or policy, for example, Acceptable Use of Electronic Information Resources (Policy IM7200), Discrimination and Harassment Policy (and Associated Procedures) (GV0205), Resolution of Non-Academic Misconduct Allegations Policy (AC1300), Sexualized Violence Prevention and Response Policy (GV0245), a breach of a provision in the University Calendar, or a violation of provincial law or a law of Canada. In particular, a student may be reported for unlawfully entering a building or restricted space on University property, providing false information on an application for admission, reregistration, or other University document, submitting a falsified transcript or other document or participating in hazing, which is prohibited by University regulation.