Faculty Admissions : Other Admissions
Upon the recommendation of the academic unit, the Dean of Graduate Studies may approve provisional entry to the Faculty of Graduate Studies for students with a three-year baccalaureate degree that would not qualify them for entry to a UVic equivalent Master's program in their educational system who have achieved an overall grade point average of 5.0 (B or equivalent) in the last year (15 units) of study. Admission is provisional to the completion as a non-degree undergraduate student of an additional 15 units of course work numbered at the 300, 400, or graduate level prescribed by the academic unit and relevant to the intended field of study. The course work must be completed within the time frame specified by the academic unit (normally not less than 2 terms or more than 6 terms) with an average of not less than 5.0 (B), although the academic unit may require higher minimum grades for the program or for specific courses.
Four years after completion of a baccalaureate degree as defined above, applicants whose grade point average is below 5.0 (B) but have four years relevant professional experience since completion of their degree may be admitted to a certificate, diploma, or Master’s program as mature students provided they are recommended by the academic unit. Submission of a complete resumé is required to determine eligibility as a mature student. Such recommendations must be approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies.
In exceptional cases, applicants without a baccalaureate degree or equivalent but who can demonstrate significant (normally at least 15 years) relevant expertise, professional experience, or formal training, that would prepare them for successful study in a specific certificate, diploma, or Master’s program may be admitted provided they are recommended by the academic unit. Submission of a complete resumé is required, along with a detailed justification from the unit of the relevance of the applicant’s experience to the proposed area of study, and a plan from the unit listing additional formal course work designed to mitigate any academic deficit.
The International Office, <www.uvic.ca/international>, provides pre-arrival support, orientation on arrival and ongoing assistance for international students after they have been accepted to study at UVic.
Visiting research students will be registered in either GS 503, Canadian Visiting Research Student (3.0 Units), or in GS 504, International Visiting Research Student (3.0 Units). There are no tuition fees charged for these registrations. Visiting research students will have access to basic research services (e.g. library, e-mail access, computing). Basic student services (e.g. recreation facilities and transit passes) can be arranged provided that the applicable fees are paid by the student.
A completed 'Letter of Agreement Graduate Visiting Research Student' form is submitted to the Graduate Admissions and Records Office and approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies before the student is able to attend UVic. This form must be signed by the visiting research student, the home supervisor/s, and the UVic supervisor/s to address issues such as intellectual property, stipend and benefits, travel costs, access to research equipment and supplies, research ethics, and space etc.