Earth and Ocean Sciences
Phone: 250-472-5133
Graduate Adviser: Dr. John Dower
Graduate Secretary: Kalisa Valenzuela
S. Kim Juniper, PhD (Canterbury), Professor (BC Leadership Chair in Ocean Ecosystems and Global Change) and Chief Scientist, Ocean Networks Canada
Marine systems, global change
Global and regional climate modelling, climate variability and trends; wind and hydroclimate of Western Canada; biogeochemical cycles
Earth, tsunami- and earthquake-source studies, seabed, crust, and mantle structure, inverse methods
Earth system modelling, climate-carbon cycle feedbacks, emission budgets, biogeochemistry, paleoclimate, ice modelling, control of glacial cycles, climate change longevity
Climate variability and change, atmospheric and oceanic dynamics, polar variability and change, climate modelling and analysis
Nathan Gillett, DPhil (Oxford), Honorary Research Professor
Tom Gleeson, PhD (Kingston) (Cross appointment in Engineering)
Modelling of ocean biogeochemistry, atmosphere-ocean-sea-ice-biochemistry interactions, sulphur cycle, global and site specific modelling
Modelling of physical and chemical processes in the troposphere, cloud and aerosol processes, global climate modelling
Kelin Wang, PhD (W Ont), Honorary Research Professor
Geomagnetism, numerical modelling and inversion of electromagnetic induction in the earth and oceans