Faculty of Engineering : Engineering Programs
Completed applications must be submitted to Undergraduate Admissions and Undergraduate Records. For September admission, the application must be submitted by the preceding April 30 and all documentation, including in-progress transcripts, must be received by April 30. Final transcripts for courses registered January - April must be received by May 31. Qualified applicants who are completing courses after April 30 may receive conditional offers and must supply official transcripts to the Office of the Registrar by the specified deadline. For May admission, the application must be submitted by the preceding December 31 and all documentation must be received by January 31.
Institutions throughout British Columbia offer first-year engineering transfer programs. Students who successfully complete one of these programs are eligible for admission to second year engineering at UVic if they have attained an overall standing of at least C+ with no individual grades less than C. In programs that are oversubscribed, offers will be given based on competitive average grades. In cases where the first choice of program is not available, alternate program choices are considered. Transfer applicants are encouraged to inquire with the Engineering Undergraduate Office regarding the program declaration process.
Applicants who have completed transferable studies while registered in other faculties at UVic or other post-secondary institutions are eligible to be considered for admission. Applicants will be evaluated on a course-by-course and student-by-student basis. In all cases, transfer applicants must present Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry prerequisites (or equivalent) to meet minimum program requirements. In addition, any post-secondary record requires a minimum C+ average with no individual course grades less than C.
ECE 216 or ELEC 216
Applications from students who were required to withdraw for academic reasons will not be considered until the required withdrawal period has been completed (see Undergraduate Information under Requirement to Withdraw from the University. In addition to satisfying the Undergraduate requirements for re-admission to the University, it is expected that before re-applying to the program, students will successfully complete transferable courses that demonstrate improved academics (with all grades C+ (65%) or higher) in relevant subject areas. A student who was required to withdraw will be placed on academic probation upon re-admission to the BEng or BSEng program and must obtain Satisfactory Standing at the next standing review (See Standing).
The Co-operative Education requirement of the BEng/BSEng degree programs is a minimum of 4 terms of guided (co-operative) work. Students work with the Engineering and Computer Science Co-operative Education office to apply for, obtain, complete, and assess 4 work terms in order to graduate from the programs. This requirement cannot be avoided or replaced.
The Faculty of Engineering may grant credit to applicants to the BEng or BSEng degree program for courses taken at UVic or at other post-secondary educational institutions. A Letter of Permission must be obtained from the Engineering Undergraduate Office prior to undertaking studies at another institution for credit towards the UVic degree program (see Letters of Permission for UVic Students to Undertake Studies Elsewhere). Credit will be considered only for courses that are equivalent to courses in the BEng or BSEng degree program and in which satisfactory performance has been achieved. For courses with prefixes BME, CIVE, ECE, ENGR, MECH and SENG, detailed documentation supporting the credit request may be required; students should contact the Engineering Undergraduate Office for specific instructions before beginning studies in the faculty. Credit for courses completed while outside the Faculty of Engineering will only be granted for courses in which a grade of C (60%) or higher has been awarded on the official transcript. For some courses a higher minimum grade may be required. For courses taken prior to admission to the program, the student must initiate all requests for course credit in the first term (four months) of registration in the BEng or BSEng program.
Students must meet the normal University Minimum Degree Requirements for Graduation including a graduating average of at least 2.0, as well as: